This time asks for a network approach.

How we make the difference

To make the difference we do not only have our experienced researchers available for you, but also a range of all types of experts we regularly work with. We can use them if you like us to.

We regularly work with professionals who can offer additional expertise. A number of these are listed below:

Tiber van Bekkum of Valuebridge. Tibor is specialised in corporate identity and positioning.

Ineke van der Ouderaa of Ineke van der Ouderaa Positionering. She is a specialist in strategic branding and marketing as well as in communication management.

Alexander Koene and Kim Cramer of BR-ND. We contributed to their excellent instrument: 23plusone.

Sometimes we do projects which include a quantitative component. We never carry out quantitative research ourselves. We sometimes work with partners, such as Robert van Ossebruggen.

For our online narrative research, we use Sensemaker by Cognitive Edge, or StoryConnect, depending on the research model.

We also work with Marcus Guest. Marcus designs and leads SenseMaker engagements in emerging economies for commercial and development organisations. (

For certain Sensemaker applications we like to make use of the services of Laurie Webster of QED Insight.

In addition, we work with various independent senior qualitative researchers who each have their own area of expertise. These include: Jolanda Joossen, Letty Francissen, Gerben Bruins, Masja Nootenboom and Frances van Berkel. This is always done with the consent of the client.