Insights determine success. Powerful insights make it possible to take meaningful action. Only then can you make the difference.

How we make the difference

Insight is much deeper than analytic understanding. We understand that. Our methods are aimed at getting the marrow and bones: the emotions. Our methods help you to be more creative and daring in your approach.

Digging Deeper

  • Input for better innovations and ideas that are more likely to succeed
  • Such that you can make the right strategic choices
  • Ferro Explore! explains behaviour on the basis of emotion and feelings
  • Our researchers dig deep
  • So that you understand what actually motivates your target group
  • Our reports provide the support for the insights
  • Together with the client we develop a concrete plan of action.

Co-creation Workshops

Co-creation often is seen as an online activity. Not with us. We help you to really connect with your target group in a face-to-face meeting. We use methods that enable you to work closely together with your target group. This experience will change the way you feel and think about your target group. It will be a profound learning experience. The experience will help you to better implement what you have learned.

Types of Research

Types of research include, but are not limited to: image, positioning, and identity testing, user-experience, category insights, pathways for change, exploratory communication research, exploratory strategy research, innovation, new fields of service.