Ferro Explore!

Ferro Explore is able to help you gaining deep insights, using excellent qualitative research.

How we make the difference

We understand it is all about insight. Our qualitative research is aimed at making a meaningful connection with your target group, based upon insights that helps you to make the right choices. We have developed methods that can help you to look outside of your comfort zone.



Our Strengths

  • Four highly experienced expert researchers: Annelies, Frank, Jochum and Miriam
  • All of them able to go beyond mere results and helping you to create meaningful insights
  • We do what we do best: excellent qualitative research:
    • Dig deep without getting lost in the details
    • Focus on feelings and emotions
    • Experienced in proven techniques
    • Creative in developing our own methods and techniques
  • Surround ourselves with a strong network of professionals
  • We work with excellent partners for research facilities, recruitment and software
  • Quick and flexible

Methods and techniques

Focus groups, in-depth individual interviews, shop-alongs, ethnographic research, online qualitative research, narrative research, picture-it, sim-city, workshops, laddering, natural grouping, story groups, co-creation groups, projective techniques

Rich History

Ferro Explore! has a rich history of innovation, a passion for useful insights and a dedication to quality research:

  • Founded during the 1940s
  • By Harold Ferro: pioneer, obsessed with market research, innovative
  • User-experience research introduced in the 1970s
  • The application of ‘inverse laddering’ for the government during the 1990s
  • The development of narrative research in 2006
  • For which we won the ESOMAR Award for Best Paper in 2008
  • The wide scale application of narrative research (dozens of international projects, collecting more than 35,000 stories) since 2010
  • Development into a network organisation in 2015